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S-Core 35


S-CORE 35 offers a light-weight stand-alone system without compromising form or functionality. Cleverly designed to work harmoniously with our other workstation systems, S-Core 35 provides a smart, slim and contemporary finish while still sharing the same key features provided in our highly reliable Uniwall system.


Transom – The top wall transom allows the flexibility of having accessories and shelves positioned anywhere along the top of the screens.  With all accessories and shelves free of any fixings, workstations are completely customizable to suit any end user. 


Suspended – Constructed using light-weight materials, S-Core 35 screens have been designed to allow for direct mounting off work surfaces.  Suspended off the floor and adjustable in height, this provides the option of future changes to accommodate the ever-changing office climate.


Cable Reticulation – Powerblades and umbilicals are a few options available for feeding electrical and data services into the S-Core 35 workstations. With under bench 2-tiered cable baskets, reticulation of large quantities of cables can be segregated and run with ease. 


Legs - MOJO base, INFINITY base, MOTION - Electric, winder or fixed base.

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