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The INFINITI base is the newest addition to our product line. Sleek in style and a high strength product, we have engineered this base to be compatible with both our Uniwall and Sector Rail systems. The triangle base is constructed with steel and is a dynamic option for any configuration in the workspace. 


The Infinity base is compatible with both the  UNIWILL or SECTOR RAIL systems. 


Screens - Uniwall 35mm, 50mm or 70mm with optional fabric laminated tiles and echo panel or Secor rail in Acrylic Panel, Acoustic board, Echo panel or Laminated board.

Cable Reticulation – Powerblades, power poles and umbilicals are a few options available for feeding electrical and data services into the Uniwall workstations. With each screen frame uniquely machined with open access ways, reticulation of large quantities of cables can be segregated and run with ease. Please see Electrical for more details


Leg - Triangle looped base




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