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This modern looking mobile pedestal is slightly smaller than the average and is designed to look stylish under any office desk whilst taking up less space. 

  • Achieve maximum storage capacity across a range of cabinet sizes incorporating fully adjustable shelves Environmentally sustainable ABS door slats as standard – Made in Germany Secure Pincer locking system provides ultimate peace of mind with one key operating two lock latches with separate anchor points in the door.

  • Levelling feet as standard and adjustable from the base inside the unit

  • Optional lockable heavy duty castors (height restrictions apply)

  • Magnetic strips of colour will match the exterior colour door posts eliminate door gaps • Interior

  • Alternative

  • Matching planter box range available

  • Removable barrel folding key with antimicrobial properties for durability, pocket comfort, and hygiene

  • 5 Year Warranty

  • Made from 100% recyclable sheet steel under ISO14001 EMS Certification

  • Durable powder coat finish

  • 0.7mm Cold rolled steel

  • Standard accessories available



1015H x 900W x 465D - 2 Shelves

1015H x 1200W x 465D - 2 Shelves

1200H x 900W x 465D - 3 Shelves

1200H x 1200W x 465D - 3 Shelves

1320H x 900W x 465D - 3 Shelves

1320H x 1200W x 465D - 3 Shelves

2000H x 900W x 465D - 5 Shelves

2000H x 1200W x 465D - 5 Shelves

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