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product information

  • The SW18 series offers significant installation benefits as no tools are required for thin or thick panel mounting

  • This speed of installation offers excellent labour savings.

  • The SW18 series is a 10amp double pole, auto switched outlet.

  • The SW18 series is covered by the Energy Safe Certificate.

  • Double pole auto switched unit

  • No tools required to install in duct or panel mount, making site installation very fast and cost effective

  • Requires one cut out for thick or thin panel mounting

  • Slim and compact 2 socket outlet design (only 18.5mm from under face plate)

  • Integral soft wiring connectors complete with moulded latches, comply with the new connector standard AS/NZS/61535.1:2003

  • Mounting options include: thin panel (up to 2mm thick), thick panel (greater than 2mm thick), din rail mounting, duct mounting or free standing

Available in dual or quad modules

Colours: Black, white, red and silver – other colours on request

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