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An award-winning design, the FLO is flexible and functional.


A unique visual indicator weight gauge on its forearm and an adjustable tension feature which delivers significant reductions in installation time and also ensures that all screens are set to the optimum tension for the screen weight, which improves usability and delivers savings on efficiency. A self-balancing head provides accurate screen positioning and stability. 


It offers smooth and dynamic movement through patent-pending Geometric Spring System and it is ergonomically compatible with tablets and touchscreen technology.


The Flo monitor arms come with a lifetime warranty and leaves a minimal carbon footprint.  


Finishes available:

  • White: Gloss White Arms, Silver Post, White Detailing

  • Polished: Polished Arms, Silver Post, Black Detailing

  • Black: Matt Black Arms, Black Post, Black Detailing



Single, dual or multiple.




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