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Everything Old Is New Again (EONA DUO) is a modular table system manufactured from post consumer recycled materials. Its outstanding environmental credentials, combined with its sleek and timeless design, makes EONA DUO ideal for modular team tables and boardroom tables.

EONA DUO uses:


  • 100% post consumer recycled aluminium for legs and leg support inserts

  • Up to 40% post consumer recycled steel for outer leg supports, rails and adjustable glides

  • Recyclable polypropylene.


EONA DUO promotes flexibility and diversity with legs that can be positioned at narrow or wide stances for small or large tables. Adjustment can be made both during and after installation, allowing the table frame to be reused for different future applications. EONA DUO has been designed for 100% disassembly ready for recycling.



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